It’s common sense; you feel good after doing some good deeds, and feel bad otherwise, when you intentionally or not, doing bad thing toward others.

But what is the worst? Doing the things that you hate the most, without realizing it yourself, until someone point it out.

It hurts.

When that someone do that to you. Not because that someone, or what she said, but it hurts more as you are doing something that you really hate if someone else do it.

I happened to watch a part of the movie today. There was a scene where a couple were sitting in a fancy restaurant. The girl keep checking her phone, while the guy keep looking at the girl. Then suddenly he said how the girl was more into the phone instead of him. Ouch

Weeks ago, a good friend of mine was saying the exact same thing. Honestly, I had no idea that I have been doing it, as I hated it so much to see if my friend was into something else while talking to me. And now I am doing the same. Ouch, again

It doesn’t have to always about gadget, we sometimes are into the book, or someone else in the other table or in the other corner of the cafe, or just with our own mind. Don’t we ?? We made some rules for ourself or for our circle of friends, but then, never know how, we start doing it ourself.

What would you do If you happen to do the thing you hate the most, and your close buddy point it out, right to your face??’s still hurts tho 😅

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