For someone who is not into sweet, asking for one is kinda strange itself. Something is wrong, somehow, but probably one just need little change in taste ??

I was on my lowest mood last week, barely handled everything through the weeks while having lots of work.

It was Saturday night, what does it mean when you are running late to some works – that need to be completed before leaving for another city, my bad for such time management , while having the lowest yet the worst mood that I’d encountered lately. Nothing. All I could thing was where to run too hahahaha

So, I happened to visit this cozy cafe somewhere in the city central. I expected it to be overly crowded, lots of noises, but it was okay. Even though I was with some friends, my mind was somewhere else, until the sweet arrived 😅

The taste was good, just right actually. Not sweet, not bitter as well. Another one arrived, another sweet.

I was wondering to myself what actually had happened to me that I ordered two sweet things at once.

I never realized, having some change in life, something that is not your favorite one, would give a positive impact. Just like the sweets to me. I was , well probably I am always , focused on something way too much, without realizing it drains me, it takes too much energy off of me, and it makes me blind for all the good thing around, all other nice things next to me.

Little change, little sweet, sometime, won’t hurt.

Don’t you think so ?



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